The Perfect 3D Visualisation Team - Who is Behind the Perfect Pictures

As a viewer and a customer, you see the final result –  a render. But, as in any work, the qualitative result  is achieved with the help of the  professional team. Who puts your ideas into reality, read further in the article.

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If you work in architecture, design or real estate, using 3D technology for your work is a matter of time. And when it comes, you need to choose who to build a relationship with: a freelancer or a CGI studio. It is a logical dilemma, because at first glance, what is so special about a company that deals with visualization, and what a freelancer does not do?

To help you make this choice, we recommend that you take a critical look at your project and estimate it by the following parameters:

  • Scale

Do you want to visualize the design of one room or will it be a shopping complex? The scope of work obviously varies.

  • Urgency

When is your presentation? Do you have time to develop it, or is everything as usual burning?

  • Difficulty of execution

Do you need a sofa model or do you want a photorealistic wow render with special post-processing?

These points are interrelated and the answers to them allow you to make a decision.

We, VisEngine Digital Solutions, as a visualization studio with many years of experience, can name a number of advantages of working with the CGI team and the role played by each of the participants in 3D rendering projects.

Let’s consider who makes up the perfect dream team.

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Customer Service Manager

His/her main role is to communicate and establish contact between the customer and the 3D team. Usually, these are the first people a potential customer contacts with. They provide comprehensive information about the services that can be obtained, the format of work, tell about the work process. They are the main contact person during the work.

What other responsibilities does the manager perform and what issues can he / she help with:

Coordination of project cost, deadlines and additional services;

  • Creation of invoices and receipts;
  • Signing of NDA (if necessary) and other necessary agreements;
  • Customer briefing;
  • Formation of the technical task and its transfer to the working team;
  • Comments processing from the client regarding amendments;
  • Checking and clarifying of the project controversial issues.

The SM role is indispensable, because it oversees that the working team correctly performs all tasks and wishes of the customer. And, of course, constant communication with the client ensures his/her confidence that the project will look exactly as it was intended.

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Project Manager

If the manager is more about socializing and communication with the client, then the project manager is responsible for the work performed by the 3D rendering team. He/she is an expert in the development of CGI, so his/her task is to organize the workflow so that it is as efficient as possible. To achieve the optimal result in the project, the PM is responsible for:

  • Estimation of time and costs before the start of the project on 3D visualization;
  • Checking the availability of all necessary input information;
  • Distribution of tasks among team members according to skills and qualifications;
  • Understanding of the set tasks;
  • Reports on the work done, guarantees the quality of the final result and compliance with deadlines;
  • Sends final images.

It is this specialist who is responsible for ensuring that each task, taking into account time and budget, is performed flawlessly and on time.

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3D Modeler and 3D Visualizer

We have combined these two positions by similarity of responsibilities and field of activity, but the purpose and methods of their work differ significantly.

The main role of the CG modeler is to create 3D models and objects for further work with the help of 3D modeling and rendering software (such as 3ds Max). His/her tasks include:

  • Creation of 3D models from scratch according to schemes and drawings;
  • Customization of 3D models from the CGI library according to the needs of the current project;
  • Reconciliation of intermediate results.

3D modeling is an integral part of the 3D visualisation process. And when all the elements are ready, it’s time for the CG visualiser to start his/her work. His/her task is to create bright three-dimensional compositions that would fully convey the idea of the customer and perform the functions as well as tasks assigned to them. In particular, the 3D visualiser:

  • Places 3D objects in the scene;
  • Responsible for the atmospheric content of the composition;
  • Sets the viewing angle of the camera;
  • Adjusts lighting effects;
  • Adds decor and details of the environment;
  • Gives for approval intermediate options;
  • Finalizes the overall view of the render with the help of post-processing tools.

The team leaders could also be singled out as performers if there is a need to moderate several teams or several project prototypes, which will later need to be merged into one. Or several types of services (such as 3D animation and a virtual tour). And, of course, they distribute the tasks between the teams and control the quality of the final result.

These are the main players of the team for the optimal development of 3D renders, virtual tours, fly-through animations and other CGI services. Therefore, if you are ready for a large productive project, choosing a 3D visualization studio is the best option. We have gathered a team of true professionals at VisEngine Digital Solutions, who will be happy to visualize any of your projects.

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