10 Incredible Benefits 3D Interior Rendering Can Provide to Your Business

Today, 3D technology is disrupting a range of industries, real estate being not an exception. 3D interior renderings are becoming more and more popular, and there are some sufficient reasons for this. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the major benefits 3D interior renderings offer to designers, architects, and real estate agents.

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What is 3D Interior Rendering?

3D interior renderings are 3D images that represent design ideas in a realistic way. With the help of 3D interior rendering, it’s easy to visualize all of the interior design components, from color schemes and textures to appliances and furniture. 3D renders allow you to see what future projects will look like before the construction process starts.

Benefits 3D Interior Renderings Can Bring

1. Accurate visualization

One of the significant benefits 3D interior rendering provides is the most precise representation of what the customer will get once the project is completed. Without any doubt, 3D rendering goes far beyond conventional 2D floor plans by providing a photorealistic experience to understand design concepts better.

2. Flexibility

Architectural renderings are easy to modify, which is super helpful when your customer’s requirements change. Also, by making changes easily, 3D artists can produce several versions of a photorealistic image, giving the customer an opportunity to choose.

3. Impressive time savings

Real estate development and construction are time-consuming processes. Good news is that 3D interior rendering services can help you considerably save time and market your property as early as possible. Interior design renderings allow you to create a photorealistic 3D visualisation in less time than you would normally need to produce sketches and physical models.

4. Faster conversions

High precision of photorealistic renderings facilitates the client’s decision-making and reduces the process of approval by providing real-life, comprehensive pictures of design projects. 

5. Streamlined distribution and sharing

Unlike hard copies of drawings and plans, 3D imagery is easy to share with clients through the Internet. 

6. Ensuring the best results

3D rendering services help identify design flaws early and develop a design that can fully meet the client’s expectations.

7. Shorter feedback loop

By using 3D design visualization, you can significantly reduce the feedback loop with your clients. Unlike 2D floor plans, realistic 3D images can be easily understood by a customer and modified by a 3D artist.

8. Cost-efficiency

Using 3D renderings means reasonable cost savings. The first glance at the interior design project is rarely the final one, and in most cases, projects are modified several times in the design process. With 3D renderings, changes are made quickly to meet the client’s requirements without demanding a plethora of resources and time like conventional 2D designs.

9. A powerful marketing tool

The benefits of 3D interior renderings for marketing are hugely impressive. To start with, detailed renders are visually attractive, and they solve customer pain points by providing a comprehensive visualization of the outcome. Secondly, 3D rendering allows you to start marketing the property or design services early before the construction has been completed. Without any doubt, 3D renderings are an excellent resource for boosting your online presence and promoting your business, no matter if you are a designer or a real estate agent.

10. Identifying issues early

3D interior rendering enables you to get the projects reviewed by decision-makers before you bring concepts to life. As a result, any flaws are identified at early stages, eliminating potential misunderstandings.

How to make 3d interior renderings that sell

3D interior rendering calls for specialized CG modeling software and professional skills, so it’s a sound decision to hire a full-time 3D artist or entrust this task to a 3D rendering studio. Before professionals start their work, you have to provide them with architectural plans or at least hand-sketched drawings with dimensions. It is important because 3D artists need exact dimensions of the walls, windows, and door placement to produce accurate renderings. Also, it’s crucial that you describe the design you want to see. You need to provide all specific designs, color schemes, furniture, appliances, or images of similar interiors.

Typically, a 3D artist comes up with the first draft showing camera angles in a couple of days. After you revise the first draft, the specialist makes changes to the camera angles and major style issues according to your comments. The process starts over and over until you achieve the desired result. In most cases, two or three revisions are pretty enough to meet your goals.

Here are some aspects to take into account if you want to get 3D interior renderings that sell.

1. Lighting matters

Remember that unrealistic lighting creates the feeling of a fake, so elaborate on the lighting that can show your future design at its best, be it sunlight or interior lights. 

2. Use real materials and furniture

For your 3D interior renderings, use products and materials that exist, and you will be able to add them to the real design. Otherwise, you can have issues with your clients when they spot inconsistencies with the rendering.

3. Make it full of life

It’s a great idea to make your renderings feel more authentic with pets and people doing things in the room. It will help you to eliminate the feeling of isolation and give your clients the sense of a comfortable home.

To wrap it up

All in all, 3D interior renderings seem to be the best response to the dilemma designers have been caught in for decades – how to introduce a design concept in a straightforward and still impressive way. Precise visualization they provide creates a better efficiency of workflows, reduces feedback loop with clients, cuts down the scope for misunderstandings, and saves plenty of time and cost. Finally, 3D renderings are a great resource you can use to promote your property or design services.

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