We Were Nominated as a Top 3D & VR Company
in London by BestStartup.co.uk

Sometimes everyone has second guess. The question is often asked “Am I doing everything right? Am I moving in the right direction? ” It is normal to doubt, but how to answer these questions for yourself?

Feedback from the satisfied customers comes to the rescue and there is a proud sense of accomplishment. The 3D artists team is happy: another completed project, another milestone of professional development – is not it a reason for the holiday?

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And there is another special pleasant moment: when you are nominated as a top company in your field, as we were nominated by BestStartup.co.uk. Unexpected, but definitely pleasant.

What do we, VisEngine Digital Solutions, do?

 If you already know us, you may not read further, we are just very proud of this nomination and wanted to share with you our joy. If you just found out about us, let’s get acquainted.

Having been at the 3D and CGI technology market for over 10 years, we have been working with the real estate market by providing services in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D animation and visualisation, interior design, application development for developers, interactive 3d masterplan and other services.

Our head office is in London, and apart from that we have offices in the UAE and the USA, and branch representatives in Italy, Germany, Canada and Australia, and the geography of the performed work is even wider. You can see our works here. Or just follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Why particular 3D real estate technology? Because it is one of the few fields where the exact sciences, graphic arts and digital technologies are masterfully combined. We are not just visualisers, we are a team of 3D artists. Each of our renderings is not only professionalism, but also a creative spark and an artistic approach. Every design embodies someone’s dream, because it is impossible to work without a personal attitude to the client, the ability to listen to wishes and give timely advice. 

To implement the plan from beginning to end, without compromises and concessions, in such a perfect way that you do not want to add anything, but not to say too much via design. This is probably why our CGI are confused with a photo – the best compliment and an indicator of professionalism.

That’s why we’re excited about another recognition of VisEngine Digital Solutions as one of the best in the industry. We do not stop at what has been achieved, there are so many more interesting projects and challenges ahead beyond the limits of your imagination.

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