3D Visualization in Architecture, or Benefits at Every Turn

As an architect, you use CGI at work in one way or another. However, are you aware of all their benefits? We are in favor of using them 100%, because there are so many applications for 3D visualization that you can benefit from photorealistic CG images at every step.

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We believe that CGI using can really help make your workflow efficient. So, we want to tell you about 5 ways of 3D visualization using at 5 different stages of an architectural project. These techniques can make the workflow easier for you, your team, customers and contractors.

1. Presentation of the concept

Blessed 3D visualization! No more guesses or conjectures during the project presentation. Everything is clear. CGI in architecture allows you to take your design presentation to the next level. With it’s help you can show your customers exactly what their property will look like when it is completed. No more worries about misunderstandings that may occur when talking to people who have no experience in architecture or design. Quality renderings will help you to explain even the most complex details, so you can really enjoy the presentation of your ideas. And believe me, your customers will like it too.

2. Making edits and changes with the client

Successful presentation of the project is an important, but not the last stage of cooperation with the client. Next is (the most horrible – crossed out) favorite stage of edits. You will repeatedly return to editing of your project until all parties are satisfied. The importance of 3D rendering for architecture in this case cannot be underestimated. Photorealistic CGI is the most effective way to engage the client in the creative process. This allows them to take notes and express their ideas freely without fear of being misunderstood. And you, in turn, will be able to deliver the necessary updates even faster and without undue stress. In addition, the client will definitely appreciate your professionalism and will probably recommend you to his/her friends, family and colleagues.

3. Elimination of shortcomings

First of all, you can use 3D visualization to identify any possible drawbacks in the concept of architecture while working on it. The CG preview allows you to notice in advance what needs to be improved. For example, it can help you to find breakthrough solutions for structurally complex design elements. Either it may inspire you to try a new approach or offer another option to the client.

4. Implementation of ideas

Instead of a thousand words, show the builders what you want to see in the end result. Believe me, the team that will implement your project will be very grateful for the visualizations. Of course, photorealistic CGI is not part of the standard design documentation, but it can be extremely useful to demonstrate design solutions that require precision in execution. In this case, 3D rendering of the architecture will allow the construction team to know exactly what the customer expects.

5. High quality renderings for the portfolio

With the completion of the project, the CGI mission does not end: they continue to serve you in your professional portfolio. That way, you don’t have to wait for construction to complete in order to photograph the end result. In addition, photorealistic visualizations of exteriors and interiors are excellent marketing content. Thanks to such promotional images, your work will not go unnoticed!

Thus, even the use of one of these items will give you undeniable benefits, and their combination maximizes the effect of the resulting CGI.

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