3D Visualization of a Living Room: How CGI Can Become a Reliable Ally in the Project Presentation

Every interior designer wants to surprise his/her customers by presenting own concept. A love to design at first sight is a prerequisite for a project success. But it is not always easy to achieve this. It takes effort to get the idea into the heart of the homeowner. Let’s talk about how to present your efforts effectively.

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Thinking about the interior design of the apartment one of the rooms necessarily becomes a “connecting” element of the entire home. Usually, such a room is the living room, as the main space of any house, which dictates the style of the whole apartment. And to demonstrate all its benefits, the best solution is to turn to 3D visualization.

The vast majority of moodboards, drawings and sketches, despite their visual appeal, are not able to convey all the subtleties of design and atmosphere of the place. We strive for photorealism, which is able to demonstrate everything that the designer wanted to say with his idea in the best light.

So if you are a designer, but not yet sure if CGI is useful for you, we are ready to convince you! Let’s look at the benefits of 3D visualization on the example of the living room.

1. Style and first impressions

The first thing you pay attention to when decorating the living room is, of course, style. So you should be able to show the customer that all his wishes were taken into account in the design.

Looking at the 3D render, your client will see exactly whether the chosen concept corresponds to what he wanted to see in his home. And if he changes his mind and decides to try another style, at this stage it will be easy to make all the necessary changes to the design. This will save both you and your client a lot of time and nerves in the next stages of the project.

2. What? Where? When? – Functional zoning of the room

In most cases, the living room is a multifunctional area. People come here to relax, watch a movie, play with children, spend time with friends, so sometimes it’s even a dining room. And it is very important to demonstrate the benefits of all these functional areas in the presentation of interior design. 3D images will allow your customer not only to see but also to feel how he will spend time in this space.

Remember that your client may have hobbies and family traditions. Take them into account when decorating – the interior will speak for itself.

3. Own atmosphere

In addition to practical aspects such as planning, it is also important to convey the mood of the space. Here you can use 3D to show the details that shape the atmosphere of the interior: decor items, plants, books or magazines on a coffee table, flames in the fireplace, etc. 3D artists will choose the most attractive angles and visual effects that will emphasize these small but significant elements in order to help to convey the atmosphere. In this way, CGI of the living room will allow you to evoke emotions in the client and help them feel more connected with the design.

4. And there will be light!

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the room lighting: if you do not think carefully about this point, even the most successful design can be ruined. Therefore, as a designer, it is necessary to take care not only of the technical scheme of lighting, but also to show the customer why this or that decision is the right and appropriate. You can also show what the living room will look like at different times of the day and at different weather outside. This will be another plus to why interior lighting should look this way and not the other way.

5. Important details

The customer can choose excellent finishing materials for walls, floor, furniture. But there is a possibility that in combination they will not “make friends” with each other. The 3D visualization shows the full picture and allows the customer to see if they form the perfect ensemble. And having before your eyes a photorealistic image, you can not only demonstrate the selected options, but also offer a reasonable alternative if necessary.

With the help of CGI, you can take interior design presentation to the next level. Such images are guaranteed to win the favor of your client, because high-quality rendering allows you to show a carefully thought-out space with all the functional areas, a certain character and style.

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