Exterior 3D Visualization – A Secret Ingredient in the Architectural Presentations

The layout of the house is an old and reliable way of future real estate project presentation. But what about going a little further and trying to go beyond physical models? Exterior 3D visualization is the tool that will allow you not just to add zest to your presentation, but to reach a whole new level.

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The presentation of an architectural project is a serious and troublesome affair. To begin, you need to either create a physical thumbnail of the future building or draw the appropriate illustrations by hand. The methods are old and reliable, but insanely troublesome and require many hours of work on them. Anyone who has ever worked on such a thing knows what we are talking about. In addition, it is necessary not only to depict the composition of the building but also to reproduce everything that surrounds it. Or explain in some other way what the result will look like. And still, in the end, the layout will not have the desired realistic look.

External CGI and 3D graphics come to the rescue. With their help, the result is not a soulless layout, but a realistic image, which is often difficult to distinguish from the photo. Moreover, the future building can be precisely integrated into the existing environment, reproduce the future landscape design, etc. This greatly simplifies the task for the viewer: you can immediately see the prospects and details of future real estate, which is currently under development.

And now a little more about why exterior 3D rendering is the best friend and assistant of architects and developers.

1. CGI without Reference to Time and Weather

When you take a picture of a building, you take more than just a picture of it. It is also a street, neighboring houses, trees, etc. But in addition to the environment, the mood of the image is influenced by the season, weather, time of day. The same building can look good during the day, but be just incredible in the setting sun rays. Or the night lights make it look like a separate work of art.

In this case, visualization is a magic wand for everyone who does not want to guess, but to see everything with their own eyes. With CGI, the viewer perceives real estate as a real place, not an abstract idea. If you are a potential buyer, then you will definitely want to see what your home will look like at different times of the year and day.

2. Create a Context

In reality, a building is not just a layout, but also the environment that surrounds it. We perceive the house as something separate because there are always other objects around that complement it.

3D visualization allows you to reproduce in detail the existing landscape or show how it will look in the perspective. This applies to other houses, trees, roads, and even people. Agree, if the plan provides a playground, it will look much more natural with visitors than without them.

Sometimes a building and its surroundings recreation become not just an important but a necessary process. If building or reconstruction, for example, takes place in the historic part of the city, then 3D visualization becomes indispensable. After all, then you can immediately see whether the building corresponds to the spirit of the area – its curb appeal is of paramount importance. To do this, visualizers create a combined image from a real photo of the terrain and a 3D model. This method allows you to see not only whether the building looks harmonious next to the neighboring houses, but also to understand the relationship between heights and distances in general.

3. Add Atmosphere

Sometimes we all want fairy tales. 3D artists can create it with their own hands. If we are talking about architectural visualization, then we are not talking about something unrealistic (although it is possible). Rather, it is a process of the natural benefits emphasizing or an appropriate atmosphere providing. For example, the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, especially beautiful in blossom. So why not show this special moment? Or add mystery by adding fog and evening light. This is not a hoax, it really happens, but the photographer did not wait for the “same moment”, the visualizer created it him/herself.

You can also “revive” the image by creating a story for it. We add a car parked at the entrance or an inflatable circle in the pool, and this is no longer just a house, but a place where there is life and where someone feels good. This is another emotional factor that will affect a potential buyer.

In this way, exterior visualization becomes not only a technical assistant in a real estate project presentation but also an effective promotional material. Try it and see for yourself!

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