Hyper-Realistic CGI and How to Achieve It

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What is Realistic CGI Supposed to Look Like?

If you are looking at an image and cannot tell if it is a photo or a generated image, somebody has done their work properly. A hyper-realistic CGI has all the properties of photography.

How You Can Add Realism to Your CGI

There are plenty of companies that offer animation and rendering service for architects. How can clients tell if they are good? First of all, if you want your architectural visualization to be good, you need to pinpoint what the difference between good and bad architecture CGI is. These are some of the most common mistakes agencies make when creating 3D renders and 3D models even if they use the best 3D software:

  •           non-realistic weather conditions and cartoonish colors;
  •           excessive perfection in everything;
  •           lack of shadows;
  •           only one source of lighting;
  •           neglecting details: people, cars, etc.

Avoiding these pitfalls allows you to create a hyper-realistic visualization.

What Makes a CGI Realistic?

Naturally, keeping proportions and being good at 3D rendering is crucial, so your artistic vision and production cost will never be enough if you lack skills. Nevertheless, once you master the technology, it is the details that either make your work perfect or hide the devil.

A Guide to Making Your CGI Hyper-realistic

By following these simple rules, you will be able to take your hyper-realistic rendering to a new level and make it hardly distinguishable from an actual photo. Use them to either start from scratch or improve your less successful design projects without increasing their price.

Do Not Blur Your Image

One of the easiest ways to add extra realism to the images you are creating is to keep them in focus. Blurred lines and unclear elements make it look much more artificial. 

Avoid Idealizing Your Image

Real places rarely look perfect, so avoiding imperfections might give you up. Add hyper-realistic imagery like scratches, wet textures, dirty glass, fallen leaves, etc., to make your hyper-realistic 3D rendering look like a photo. 

Use Night Setting for Your CGI

Many firms avoid using nighttime to portray their projects as they are concerned about lighting. The truth is, actually, that using many small sources of light (streetlights, window lights) gives a more realistic atmosphere than simply using sunlight. Also, hyper-realistic rendering software helps you create shadows that highlight various textures.

Highlight Materials

If you want your hyper-realistic CGI animation not to look plain, you must learn how to show different materials instead of just showing shapes and colors. Concrete looks different from wood or stone if you visualize it correctly. Make sure that all the edges are sharp and all the glass has proper thickness.

Choose Proper Weather Conditions

It might seem irrelevant, but so many 3D artists go with the weather they prefer. However, the weather may play a crucial role as it largely affects the lighting and shades you create. Instead of opting for a perfect sunny day, try making a CGI with a rainy day in October. Numerous elements such as wet concrete, fallen leaves, and raindrops on cars or windows will make the image hyperrealistic.

It Does Not Have to Be New

Just because you are making a 3D rendering for a building that has not been built yet does not mean that you should make it look new. After all, it is only going to be fresh for a year or two.

Be Messy

Real life is messy, and so should be your CGI. We do not suggest adding full garbage bins or plastic bags stuck on a tree but do not be afraid to use dirt to your benefit. Cars should not look as if they have just been washed, nor should windows in order to increase the resemblance of your hyper-realistic CGI vs. real-life images.

Nature is Your Friend

The environment is crucial for people who buy property. Therefore, when showing them the building, you must also show them the setting it is located in.

In conclusion, creating a hyper-realistic CGI requires skills, experience, and artistic vision. By following our simple guidelines, you can master this subtle art and take your design process to a new level.

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