Interactive 3D Masterplan - The Perfect Tool for The Real Estate Market

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In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend for “immersion” in the real estate industry, so the interactive 3D master plan is becoming increasingly popular in the market. What are its role and benefits for developers and customers – we will discuss this topic further in the article.

Working in development, you know precisely how fastidious the buyer is. Modern technologies and rhythms have made people impatient and meticulous. Hence, sellers face new challenges every day and are looking for ways to interest the client in a new way. These processes, in turn, stimulate us to find solutions for such problems, one of them being an interactive 3D master plan of real estate. Dynamic and innovative – this technology looks much more attractive to the client, creating a popular immersion effect today.

What are the advantages and features of an Interactive 3D Masterplan?

First, let’s look at the difference between an interactive 3D master plan. In fact, it is a modernization of the master plan. 3D technology makes it more voluminous and helps to reproduce the desired objects under development along with the existing environment. In reality, a person could hardly look at the building from such angles. It would be possible only with the help of aerial photography, but only when the building has already been built. An interactive 3D plan makes it possible to do this at a stage when all drawings are still drawings.

The buyer can look at the house, which still needs to be built, from all sides. They can assess how it fits into the surrounding landscape and get acquainted with all the amenities and leisure areas the developer has planned. The technology allows you to “rotate” the house or change the viewing angle of real estate. It enables you to see all features of the house exterior, the location of balconies and terraces, and the landscaping.

The 3D master plan also involves modeling the environment and adjacent areas. It allows potential buyers to evaluate a view from the window they will get if they choose a specific apartment.

What about the apartments in the building itself?

Of course, the view of the future building exterior and its surroundings impress the buyers, but they buy a separate apartment. Let’s not forget that we are talking about an interactive master plan. Therefore, the option to view the floor plan and individual apartments is likely included in the review. It creates additional convenience and advantage for the buyer because it moves from the exterior to the selected interior in one click, and they can quickly evaluate it.

Another strong side of the interactive plans is that you can see how the building will look with night lighting thanks to the day/night viewing mode. You will see the night lighting of the facade and street lighting, which create a particular atmosphere and mood. And in the daytime mode, the buyer can see the angle of the shadows and the sunlight in certain zones.

Invite customers to assess the project from all sides and let them evaluate the functionality of each part for complete understanding. It will give consumers more confidence about the product and approve the purchase decision. An interactive 3D masterplan will make it easier for consumers to perceive real estate and promote sales in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere.

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