To Render, or Not to Render, That Is the Question

f you think that you have never seen a computer generated image (CGI), that is not completely true. Rest assured, everybody saw such images at some point – your children, parents or grandparents. Even if you sincerely believed that it was a photo.

Computer Generated Images, or CGI, are really widely used – it is convenient and beneficial. Our brief article will try to explain why, and whether you are the one who can benefit from it.


What is rendering?

In a nutshell, from a technical point of view it is a process in which you obtain an image using a 2D or 3D model with the help of a certain computer program. From a romantic point of view, it is computer magic which allows (after a certain amount of manipulation) creating a super real image which cannot be distinguished from a photograph. Renderings are used in a lot of spheres. Somewhere more, somewhere less, but such images have long become the best substitute for a photograph. Without going into detail why rendering is so cool and all the rage, and why you need it, we pointed out several issues which are unquestionable advantages of 3d visualization.

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Why is rendering so convenient?

  • Perfect images where everything can be changed

Let’s imagine that suddenly you no longer like your daytime version of the image and you think night-time one will look much better. The only parameter that can restrict you is your fantasy.

  • Absolute flexibility in performance
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Image will look just like you want it to look. All your needs and desires will be taken into account. Whether you want to achieve the most natural environment which would be hard to distinguish from a photo or an ambient shot with specific lighting and haze – it is up to you to make a decision based on your needs on how the render will look like.

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Why is rendering beneficial?

  • High realism

Render depicts almost anything so precisely that it could hardly be told apart from reality. Surely, the end result depends on your needs and desires but CGI is not just something similar – it is exactly what you imagine.

  • Often rendering is cheaper than a photo

In order to take a photo of, let’s say, a sofa in the interior you will need this very sofa, a room with a relevant interior (if you don’t have one – you should try and find the location, the view outside the window and other related pieces of decor etc.) as well as a photographer. But if you want to recreate it all with the help of a computer – you don’t need any of the above. Even the sofa itself.

  • A readymade product right here right now

You would like to see how your project will look like in the future. Repairs last for weeks, reconstruction – months, construction – years. A ready render with all the changes and amendments will be with you in a couple of days, so you save your nerves and time.

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Why do you need 3d visualization?

  • Who knows, probably you don’t need renders but as you have read this far, we thought you might be interested. Just take into consideration all said above as well as your needs and make up your mind.

You may find more of our CGIs in our PORTFOLIO (by the way, there’s even more – 3D animation, VR tours of unbuilt properties etc.).

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