TOP Projects of Spring 2021: from Renders up to 3D Fly-throughs

From time to time it is useful to look back, look at the path traveled, analyze own work, draw conclusions and make plans. At VisEngine, we have decided that for us it would be good to make small “reports” both for ourselves and for everyone who monitors our work. So, let’s get started!

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Spring for us was full of projects that differ both in geographical and in time-domain measurements.

So, with the first heat, we published the Murooj Lanes Project for Al Mouj. The location of the project is no less warm – Muscat, Oman. We again turned to light tones and laconic design. And, of course, not without terraces – the perfect place to spend fantastic evenings when the heat subsides.

For anyone who is confused or just wanted to clarify the difference between the terms, we have created an article 3D Walkthrough and 3D Animation Walkthrough – Differences & Similarities. If this is relevant to you, or you missed this material, please feel free to read it.

Then geographically we moved to Egypt with Multi Family Project for Orascom. You will not see any hint of antiquity, sands and pyramids: only modern design, lots of space, combinations of materials and textures. And as a bonus, you can appreciate what the same interior layout can look like in dark or light colors. What is your favorite?

Without leaving the warm regions, we move to Dubai, UAE.  Living Garden Project has been waiting for the publication there for some time. This is not our first project for Lootah Real Estate Development and we knew exactly what a perfect interior render should look like.

We move from the southern heat to the misty Albion. Finally, we publish the Upscale Hotel Project. If you only knew how long we have been waiting for this moment! But the wait was worth the result – you may also admire.

From beauty to practicality: an article The Power of Property CGI for Real Estate is created for anyone who still doubts concerning the benefits of 3D visualizations for property marketing.

We return to England and present the project The London Mews, Finchley.

“The London Mews, Finchley has been inspired by the architectural integrity of the iconic mews properties of the past. Modern design and unique details give every home an exceptional and elegant finish.” – we are quoting Estate Agency Jamie Lester Properties. In fact, anything can be an inspiration for an architectural creation.

And finally, the material that can be released under the title “Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask”: Architectural Rendering Cost Guide 2021 – read, learn, and if you have questions, VisEngine Digital Solutions managers are ready to provide comprehensive information and offer the best solution for your project.

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