3D Master Plan Rendering and The Benefits It Brings

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Master plan rendering is a way of architectural visualization that gives you a clear and precise vision of what a complex building or area will look like after future development. Unlike other types of 3D visualization, site plan rendering creates a sufficient image of a large area and includes the surrounding. 

A 3D masterplan includes computer-generated images with different perspectives, aerial masterplan 3D, a floorplan, a building footprint, and many other visualizations. Top-notch 3D rendering agencies create marvels by making images come to life with their high-quality renderings and realistic sights that are hardly distinguishable from actual photos. 

However, not all renderings look realistic. Sometimes you can tell it is a CGI as soon as you look at it, and you do not even know how you can tell it. These are the main mistakes that bring them down and help you tell good 3D rendering services from bad ones:

  • neglecting shadows and depth
  • excessive neatness that never looks realistic
  • lack of real-life details
  • idealistic weather
  • cartoon-like colors that do not actually exist

Even though the client always knows they are looking at a render instead of a photo, a visualization should always be able to trick their eye and give them an emotion that makes it feel real.

Why Do You Need a Master Plan?

Architecture industry is far from being a recent invention. Consequently, humanity has created a ton of approaches for visualizing and planning ideas. Nevertheless, using 2D floorplans and renderings in 2022 takes you aback almost as much as carving on stone would.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of using all the tools modern technology offers to the benefit of your planning. An appropriate planning strategy is, after all, what allows you to manage to budget, fit your time frames and convince your client that your project deserves investments.

Subdivision masterplan 3D combines thousands of images into a seamless presentation that shows clients a realistic view of what they can expect in case of their approval. While 2D plans are hard to read and require a deep understanding of architecture and maths, 3D architectural animation makes architecture comprehensible and accessible to everyone.

Although precise measurements are important, you need depth that only 3D can grant in order to let images speak to your clients. These are the main advantages 3D masterplans for real estate bring:

  1. Realistic visualization allows you to pinpoint plan faults and eliminate them.
  2. Changes can be made after proposals, so progress is always encouraged.
  3. Construction cost is reduced as all changes are made in the development phase.
  4. 3D rendering reduces the amount of time needed for creating all the plans.
  5. All the details are taken into consideration and thought through, including furniture and decorating elements.

Most humans find it easy to understand and feel visual elements such as colors, textures, and general atmosphere. Therefore, actually seeing a realistic visualization of space is always more beneficial than looking at black and white plans or plane images.

Making Master Plans in Photoshop

Modern technology now allows all of us to try creating a master plan without spending years studying architecture. Regardless of how complex it seems, creating a 3D masterplan is really far from being difficult. For example, what should you do if you need to make a Dubai South master plan? All you need is basic Photoshop skills and precise measurements of the place you want to visualize. If you are ready to spend enough time creating it, your Dubai South master plan has the full potential to become a reality. Follow these steps to create your plan:

  1. Open Photoshop and upload your PSD.
  2. Start by choosing colors and textures and applying them to an already existing image.
  3. Continue by adding details that may seem less visible such as shadows and lighting.
  4. Add lively details to make it realistic. Depending on what you are creating, those can be cars, people, or touches of weather.

If you are still not happy with the result, do not feel disappointed. You can always hire an architectural master plan rendering firm to create architectural projects that will meet all your expectations.

In conclusion, a master plan is a sufficient visualization of a project that will make even the most ambitious plans simple and easy to understand. A clear and realistic vision of finalized masterplan model buildings has always been crucial for architecture because it allows us to pinpoint mistakes and fix them before they have ruined our plans. Therefore, investing in hiring an architectural visualization company is the right move.

Unlike 2D floorplans, 3D master plan rendering gives you much more than a plain image of a building for the same price. Using them today will benefit all participants.

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