CGI - Creative Idea Generator: What You Need for an Effective Real Estate Advertising Campaign

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If you ask if it is possible to sell real estate without advertising, we will answer yes, but… But to be fair, we must add that this is highly ineffective. The dynamics of the modern world leave no room and no time for long reflection: statistics say that the time you have to interest a potential buyer with your product is measured in seconds. And to stand out not only among competitors but also in the flow of general information, you, as a real estate seller or designer, need to work well to make advertising work and make the viewer a buyer.

More people are looking for real estate on the Internet, so engaging visual content is the basis of sales. Make the most of the power of images and turn prospective customers into real estate buyers with CGI.

Through visualization, you can get different kinds of high-quality visual content. Rendering will give you more possibilities and help you demonstrate the real estate in the way you intended, in the best angles, and even at the stage when it is under development. And to see it all, the prospective buyer won’t even have to leave the house – they can access all the information in one click.

How does CGI open up for you, and how can you use it effectively in real estate advertising?

1. Demonstrate the future appearance of the real estate under construction

The first advantage of CGI is that it allows you to prepare and launch a real estate advertising campaign even before the construction of the building is completed. A high-quality render looks like it cannot be distinguished from a photo, making it an ideal visual tool for social networks and outdoor advertising.

In addition, 3D real estate visualization can convey the mood and surroundings of a future building, thereby “immersing” a potential buyer in the neighborhood’s atmosphere. It is precisely what the customer expects – you sell emotions, not a soulless box. A person is more likely to identify with someone who walks in a green neighborhood than to fall in love with a technical drawing at first glance.

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2. Offer interior perspectives

Seeing the apartment layout is very helpful. However, it is much more attractive to see the likely location of furniture in future housing. If you are a developer, then a demonstration of the project of the future apartment will help the buyer to imagine himself as the owner of the housing (remember, we sell emotions). For an ad campaign, you can show real photos next to 3D renderings as a sample before/after visuals. This will give your buyers the confidence that the property they are contemplating has everything they need to become their dream home if they work on it a little bit. Thus, the future purchase of real estate will be a desirable investment.

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3. Add a little movement

Marketers point out that video content is at its peak now, so if you’ve been waiting for a sign to use video as a promotional product, consider it your time. People always like watching videos more than watching still images or reading text. Therefore, 3D animation is exactly what you need.

3D walkthrough- and flythrough animations is the perfect tool to showcase all the benefits of real estate in a short time. In addition to exterior and interior views, you can add text information blocks without dispersing the customer’s attention between descriptions and images.

3D animation in social media and advertising campaigns will give you many views and audience engagement. As a result, you’ll get more interested customers in a much shorter time than with photo-only ads.

4. 3D virtual tours and 3D floor plans

Last but not least, tools for advertising campaigns are 3D virtual tours and 3D floor plans. You may not come across these tools so often, but they are worth mentioning in this list. If used correctly, for example, as an email newsletter, they will be able to deliver good results.

For example, prospective buyers can open 3D real estate tours on any device and view each part of the house as much as they need. This kind of CGI is interactive, easy to navigate, and informative.

And 3D house plans allow potential customers to understand the space’s size fully. In addition, they will enable you to see what furniture arrangement can be in a particular house. They are undoubtedly a great addition to real estate renderings.

You can use each type of CGI or a combination of them in your next real estate advertising campaign. This way, 3D images, and real estate videos become a tool designed to make your job easier and your marketing efforts more fruitful. After all, it means better deals, more sales, and happy customers.

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