VR - Old New Technology since 1837

1837 is the year when virtual reality was actually born. And no, it’s not a mistake — though the technology was quite different at that time. This article will help you to immerse yourself in the history of VR — one of the most popular and promising technology in the entertainment industry.


It was a beautiful sunny day of 1837 when Charles Wheatstone invented stereoscope. Probably that wasn’t the exact story, but the fact remains that in 1837 Sir Charles Wheatstone invented a device which became a prototype of the modern virtual reality glasses.

It’s undeniable that the technology has dramatically changed, but the principle is still the same. If you capture a scene from two points located at a short distance from each other (approximately 2.5 inches, which is equal to the distance between the eyes) — the brain will combine them and you will see a three-dimensional image.

Since the 19th century VR technologies and forms have been repeatedly experimented on. Something came into general use, other things didn’t last very long. The VR history, as we know it now, started in 2012 with the early prototype of VR headset called Oculus.

Obviously, the advances in this sphere were successful because since that time a great number of companies have been creating similar products with various features.

The advantages and use of virtual reality now are beyond any dispute. That is why there are only two scenarios: either to wait until running the business efficiently becomes impossible without VR, or start using it right away.

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