TOP Projects of Summer 2021: From Renders up to 3D Fly-throughs

Some people say that in terms of business matters, summer is a season of calm. The reason for this is the holidays of all in turn and together, both customers and performers. However, not in VisEngine Digital Solutions. We had a lot of stuffs, as always, the period was hot and we are ready to share with you everything we managed to do during this summer.

Let’s go!

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We have finished the spring and started the summer with a very necessary and relevant article  Architectural Rendering Cost Guide 2021. We described in detail why and how to use 3D rendering, where these technologies can be useful and, most importantly, how the price for such services is formed. So if you are interested in the topic, this material will be relevant for you now.

Not every project we can show you at once, and some remain classified as NDA, but in this case we waited and presented to the public IKEA Smart Home. Technologies that simplify life have long been actively out of the status of luxury or unavailable. We are glad that we can not only use them, but also show them to you using CGI video.

Warmed by the mild rays of the sun and the hearth of the courtyard, Veronica Road Project is heated. We love it for its original design, large panoramic windows and interesting color accents. And, of course, for the same lounge area with a sofa and an open fireplace – the perfect place for summer evenings.

We enrich the visual content with informative materials, namely Exterior 3D Visualization – A Secret Ingredient in the Architectural Presentations. Once again, we turn to the topic of exterior architectural visualization and emphasize on its obvious advantages.

Soul Marbella Sunshine  —  we mentioned this wonderful project with an original video that combined aerial photography of a real environment and a 3D video. A great way, to our taste, to present future real estate, because such a video allows you to see not only the future project, but also its surroundings – no negative surprises for investors. And if you would like to look in more detail, you are welcome.

Another article, another answer to the eternal question “Why so long?”. If you do visualization in person, you know exactly all these nuances and what a 3D artist spends such precious time on. If you are reading this text and you are our client, please read the article Architectural 3D Rendering: What Happens if You Have Enough Time. We know you have thought about this question many times.

Repro Project – Is It Worth Going the Same Way Twice Again?. Just as the body needs exercise, so the creative soul of the visualizer requires interesting practice and challenges. And if the current orders do not always fully satisfy the thirst for original projects and modeling challenges, the professional will set himself a task. Will you say that this is absurd? – we explain what is the purpose of all these actions in the article Repro Project – Is It Worth Going the Same Way Twice Again?.

A project that can be seen for a long time, at least because of this amazing green color (it is not the first time it captures our minds and hearts). CGI for Blinds Direct is not about interior design in general, but about the presentation of what the product will look like in the interior, namely curtains. Nonetheless, there is something to look at and want to buy such an apartment.

As we started the summer with useful reading, we decided to finish it in the same way. Therefore, the article 3D Renderings is an Ideal Marketing Tool for Architects, Designers and Property Developers is waiting to be read by anyone who doubts concerning the feasibility of CGI using for marketing purposes. Read yourself and share the link with others.

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